Detoxing your home

Ever breathe in kitchen spray and it seems to stay in your throat forever? Well it may be doing you more damage than you thought. Common supermarket cleaning products can be highly toxic. They leave residue on your plates, cutlery, table tops, clothes, carpets and we end up ingesting them… Very hard to get away from unless you make the switch to non toxic products.

It’s easy to make your own using household items like vinegar, bread soda and salt but not everybody has the time. All good healthfood shops stock every type of cleaning product you’d need from dishwasher tablets to floor cleaner to washing detergent. Excellent brands such as Lilys and Ecover have all the cleaning power and none of the toxins. Once you swap, you won’t go back. Change your habits and invest in your health, prevention is always the better option. 

Read more here in an article published today by the Independent newspaper which claims household sprays may be as toxic and damaging to the lungs as smoking twenty cigarettes a day.

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