About Me

A serious health diagnosis guided me into the work I do today. I was diagnosed with metastatic triple negative breast cancer in August 2016 age 32. It had spread to my liver. I was offered palliative chemotherapy. This particularly aggressive and fast spreading type of breast cancer might see me die in a matter of months or maybe a year at best. I made the best decision of my life there and then and rejected palliative treatment. I knew I could heal from my diagnosis. I knew the body was capable of magnificent things. I knew it needed my help to heal and that help was both physical and mental.

I undertook all kinds of holistic methods to heal. I concentrated on alternative and conventional medicine and I concentrated on my mental health. On my wellness journey, I came to realise that if the mind is not working well, the body will show signs of it. The mind and body both had to be healed. There was no point in cutting the top of the weeds off when the roots were still there. I had to get to the root in order to fully heal.

My health has been restored to 100%. Since September 2017, my scans have shown NED (no evidence of disease). I continue to maintain good health with the methods I have incorporated into my practice as both a wellness coach and a thermographer. The techniques I have learned in coaching have allowed me to release old patterns, behaviours, beliefs and subconscious traumas which had a detrimental effect on my health. If I didn’t do the work, I wouldn’t be here today. I can’t stress how important it has been for me to recover. It has been an essential part of my healing and it is one I am passionate about being able to share with others. I also monitor my healthy body with thermography, a quick, non-invasive and non-harmful body scanning technique using a thermal imaging camera. It has given me the freedom empowerment to look after my own health and it is a popular service with people who take an active role in self care and monitoring their health.

Welcome to McWellness Mind and Body – a holistic approach to healthcare!