Scan Procedure

Thermography Scan Procedurecamera-vet

Preparation for the scan is important for accurate results. Please follow the guidlines below:

Before the scan:

  1. Please do not smoke for 2 hours before scan.
  2. No massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy or chiropractic treatments on the day of your scan.
  3. Avoid using creams, SPF, lotions or perfumes used on the day. Make up is OK if not receiving a full body or head and neck scan.
  4. No sunbathing or tanning beds in the days preceding the scan.
  5. Wear loose clothing. The scan may be delayed if there are any irritation marks on the skin from tight clothing.

At the appointment:

  1. To begin, health concerns and medical history will be discussed.
  2. You will be given a gown to change into as you will be disrobing down to your underwear.
  3. Thongs are appropriate for ladies and speedo type underwear for men.
  4. Thermal images are taken of the whole body or region of interest.
  5. Images are reviewed by client and thermographer to make sure they are OK to send for interpretation.
  6. Images and medical history are sent to medical doctor for interpretation and a report is sent back by email.
  7. From scanning to receiving your report will be no more than 7 days.