What My Clients Say

Thermography Clients:

“I availed of thermography scanning with Mairead, during some serious health challenges. I was found to have a hormone producing neuroendocrine tumour somewhere in my body, the source had not yet been identified, at the time I attended Mairead. With a family history of 2 aunt’s surviving breast cancer, I didn’t hesitate to book my thermography scan”

“The scan gave me a detailed snapshot of what was going on inside my body. It helped bridge the gap between the limitations of an MRI or CT scan and showed just how those widely used scanning techniques simply just could not possibly show the effect the tumour was having on my body on the whole. 
The scan eliminated some serious worries I had at the time and gave me many answers on my health journey”

“Mairead is just a joy to deal with and is so compassionate and understanding, she really made me feel at ease during what was a very difficult time 
I couldn’t recommend her or thermography highly enough” AH – February 2019

“I had a thermogram with Mairead last week. She was welcoming and reassuring. The results and follow up were fast and in depth. I would highly recommend this service. Thank you Mairead” SH, February 2019

“Mairead provides an excellent service which I use as an adjunct to my regular MRI scans. She is extremely professional, proficient and I would strongly recommend this service which can be a useful and additional comfort to those of us who are keen to remain informed and vigilant”. DK, December 2018

Mairead is very informative and is a great communicator. She also has a pretty decent record collection.” – C McT May 2018

“I just had a thermography scan done with Mairead. She is excellent at what she does.. explaining everything and helping you feel at ease straight away. I’m feeling very relieved now. Thanks Mairead xx” – JW May 2018

Wellness Coaching Clients:

On working with releasing a feeling of guilt deeply embedded from past experience of a relationship…

“The feeling of guilt is gone completely. When I really think about it I actually don’t feel any guilt at all anymore!”TM December 2018